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What are the main points to be aware of when buying real estate in Turkey?

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What are the main points to be considered when buying real estate?

First you will determine whether your estate is aimed at real estate.
Consider your distance to your work, your school, your centers, and even transportation
If all of your criteria indicate that you are eligible to buy a property, do not neglect to check the title deed. Check whether the building complies with the earthquake regulations, whether the project is supervised and whether a permit is issued.
You will find out if the real estate is a tenant in a business or a condominium, how long the tenant is in contract, and whether the tenant is owed the building.
Make detailed inspections on the building's monthly expenses, heating pattern, age, installation status, safety, sound and heat isolation, parking situation, environment and garden layout.Please check whether the building conforms to the earthquake regulations and whether there is inspection of the project and permit permit.

What Are Legal Transactions When Buying?

It is necessary to make sales of real estates offically. This means that the parties must sign a formal contract in front of the title officer. Parties shall apply to the Deed Directorate for "real-estate certificates", identity cards, 2 passport-size photographs and, if applicable, deputy "deputy". If the parties or parties are legal entities, a certificate of authority and signature circulars must be obtained from the Trade Registry Office. The Director of the Memorandum shall refer the request to the relevant memorandum for the processing of the relevant memorandum after determining whether the claimant has come from the beneficiary himself.

The officer reviews the submitted documents, calculates the fees on the basis of the reported sales value and prepares the required receipts if it does not find any legal drawbacks. After the fees are paid, the official bond is prepared for sale, signed and read in the presence of the Land Registry Director. If one of the parties can not read or write, it is read in the presence of two witnesses, the fingerprint of the person and the statement of the witnesses.

Other cases that require witness to tapu are; not knowing to sign, being deaf, blind or dumb, doubting in side person, looking up to death. It is necessary to have sworn interpreter if there is no Turkish speaking between the parties.

In the cases mentioned above, employees in the tapestry can not witness. Witnesses and interpreters must have literacy, appeal, and minors. Once the deed manager has signed, the deputy will take the title deed and the transaction will be completed.

What is Real Estate Sales Voting Contract?

The buyer and seller mutually agree to sell the real estate for a price determined by the seller, and the buyer is obliged to purchase this real estate and to pay the price. The contract is a promise contract promulgated by the notary public regarding promises and commitments of the parties against the land registry officer. preliminary contract. Notaries are authorized to organize the "Real Estate Sales Promise Contract". The sales promise agreement, which is issued to notaries, is valid.

It is necessary to comment on the title. However, the buyer can not demand the sale of the original unilaterally based on the sales promise contract. The seller must also participate in this transaction, otherwise the buyer may request registration on behalf of the court.
The personal rights annotated in the title deed can be claimed against third parties.
The rights and obligations of the parties shall be clearly indicated in such a way as not to cause any hesitation and in the form of payment and payment of the immovable.
The photographs of the parties to the contract must be affixed and sealed by a notary public.

Penalties may be imposed in the event of withdrawal by the parties.

Commentary may continue for five years. After five years, there is no provision, and you can suggest it by yourself.

However, if the sale of the property on the immovable property has exceeded the period of 5 years and the sale has not been made to the beneficiary of the sale, the sale of the immovable property on the request of the property owner shall be made without the consent of the beneficiary of the promise. The deposit on the immovable with the education of the fees is to be abandoned. The promise of sale as the leave the commentary must be notified to the beneficiary.

Are Foreign Real Persons Possible Real Estate Owners?

International law has left the issue of the recognition of the right of foreigners to acquire immovable property in a state country to the discretion and laws of the state concerned.

In our country, foreign real persons can be owned to the extent permitted by our laws. In our country, the possession of foreigners may be made in our country on the basis of fundamental rights and freedoms in Article 16 of the Constitution and on the condition that they are mutual (reciprocal) within the legal limits imposed by the law of foreign real persons according to Article 35 of the title deed. In this way, our laws link the condition of foreigners' ownership to reciprocity. The condition of reciprocal transaction means that the same rights recognized for foreign property acquisition in our country are recognized in the foreign country as well.

What are the limitations imposed on this recognized right?


Foreign real persons can not acquire property in military and prohibited territories declared security zone
With the law of the village, foreign real persons can not own property in the villages
Another limitation is that they can own more than thirty hectares of land outside the village boundaries, with the permission of the government, in detached farms that are not affiliated with the nongovernment, except the legal inheritance of foreign real persons brought under Article 36 of the title deed law.
Refugees who shows status of foreign property, provided they are not necessarily mutually operations three years of residence in Turkey can acquire property without seeking immovable property.

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